Bone-idle Interview : SSX Producer Sean Smillie Part 2


This is part 2 of the interview conducted last week with Sean Smillie producer on the upcoming SSX Game. Part 1 can be found here

BI : Since you have these real world location will there be a free ride mode for exploring them or how will people get to tackle the mountains?


SS: What we have is almost like a Google earth interface, where you can go in and choose where to go. You have drop off points in each range but a little closer to Gamescom we will be talking about the modes and the online.


BI: Right that scraps my next question about the online modes


SS : Ha ha yea we have online and we have some huge modes to show but not until Gamescom

BI: Cool we will be at Gamescom so I’m looking forward to that


SS: Oh yea, so what you need to do is come find the SSX booth, and behind closed doors we will be showing all new stuff and our online games designer Rick Brown will be there. He is dying to tell everyone about the online side of the game as we have some huge modes to showcase. While I get to travel around talking about the characters and cool stuff and he can’t talk about anything ha ha.


BI: Since the character and story mode is your domain are you allowed to talk about that yet?


SS: Yea I can talk a little bit about the character stuff and… am.. there is seven returning character and three new ones, and next week as soon as I leave the UK I’m going to San Diego and I’m going to release the character list and show case the comic book I’ve been writing.


That shows the events leading up to the game. What I’ve done is that… am.. SSX has always been kind of a crazy fictional universe and I created the character DJ Atomica and wrote all his lines in SSX3. What I’ve been able to do is to craft more of a fiction within the universe that comes out in the comics and then comes out in the game.

BI: So the comics are kind of a prequel to the game that leads up to the events in the game


SS : Yea it’s not a super super in depth detail story driven game but what it allows me to do, is to say to fans “hey these characters have been doing something for the last few years and not just sitting in an EA basement but they have been off doing stunts and riding motor cross and surfing around the world”.


The actual comic then is an event that leads into the actual game. Its super fun I’m a big comic guy so this has been a lot of fun to be let write it


BI : Yea the guys here sent me through a few clips from the comic and it is looking good.


SS: Yea it’s a challenge you are working with comic book artists and it doesn’t totally match up with the game but at the same time I was saying that’s cool that’s my comic!!


BI: Two very quick questions to finish any support for Kinect/Move/3D?


SS: We started working on SSX a long time ago and at that time we just focussed on PS3 and Xbox. We had heard stuff was coming but at the time we didn’t have the specs, so we just focussed on that, and it’s a huge game so we were just focused on that mainly.


BI: So have ye any plans for Beta testing before Christmas?


SS: I don’t know about a public beta testing phase but there are rumours about a demo I just don’t know when.


BI: Thanks, that’s all my questions thanks for taking the time to talk to us and we will be at Gamescom so hopefully we can meet up again there.


SS: Yea I’ve been travelling a lot and hope to continue and make it to Gamescom


BI: And I’ll be sure to grab Rick for the online modes.


SS: Yea make sure you do and we will see you then thanks.


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