Irish Video Game Developer Week : Eyesodic Studio On The Brink Of Big Things.

Irish Developers Scene Feature Week 

Featured Studio : Eyesodic Studio

Date 29th Nov 2011

Eyesodic Game Studio is a new young Irish studio on the verge of big things. The team is built up of three friends Dan Kenny Game Director, Niamb O’Connor the Concept Artist and Antinio Lococo who heads up their music department.

Eyesodic only started officially this year (2011) after a number of their indie games garnered quite a bit of attention from within the industry. The first game they ever made was Reapers End 1 and the response was so good it went on to blossom into a 4 part series of mini games.

Reapers end is not too dissimilar to the Nazi Zombie mode that appeared in Call of Duty, players had to content with wave after wave of zombies until they reached the end and beat the Reaper to win. The mini game was free to play and soon picked up a decent following which led the team to start thinking this could be more than just a hobby.

Blood of The Divines was the follow up game Eyesodic created, again following the free to play model, but this time tackling the far more ambitious Fantasy genre. Despite the initial trepidation about tackling the fantasy genre (as the team are huge fantasy fans), the game again went on to please the public and bring in a whole host of brand new fans.

After these two success stories the decision was made to set up the studio and to start working on a full title, two full titles in fact. The first game will be Haunted Dreams a survival horror game in which you take the role of the detective who after being shot dies for 3 minutes. When he is revived he finds that he is haunted by terrible demons hell bent on returning him to the afterlife. You must solve a string of murders all linked to your visions before it’s too late.

The second title in development is Days of Extinction, a much larger project. The open world RPG is set in an alternative future one where after a UFO crash landing Alien DNA has mixed with the life forms on Earth turning them into freakiest monsters.

The player takes the role of a scientist who whilst trying in vain to find a cure for his dying wife places both into cryogenic suspension hoping that when they wake a cure will be available. But nothing is simple and something goes wrong, you wake up to find that your wife is missing and that the world as you know it has been destroyed by the strange Alien mutations.

This is the team’s biggest project to date, taking a more cinematic approach and boasting 13 square miles for you to roam around in going wherever you want. The game also features a newly built AI system that control’s the random encounters giving players fresh gameplay all the time.

After gathering a strong and loyal fan base within the indie scene Eyesodic games are on the verge of big things proving they are one of the most adventurous studios starting up in Ireland this year.

We have an interview with the Game Designer Dan Kenny coming up later today as part of our focus on the Irish Development scene.

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