Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Beta Impressions

This weekend we got to spend some time with the Beta for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Having absolutely loved Wildlands it was the perfect opportunity to round up the old crew and dive back in, and we had a blast!

Holding fast with the dramatic changes Wildlands brough to the series, Breakpoint continues with a similar setup. They give you a huge sandbox of an island, and then jam-pack it with people, places, vehicles, and weapons for you (and up to three friends) to discover and do with as you please. You decide how you want to take things on, go all guns blazing or creep in sneakily.

Visually Wildlands was impressive, but Breakpoint looks staggeringly beautiful. The world is bright and vibrant with lots of detail in the smallest of things. There was no noticeable downgrade in the visuals as you might expect from an open-world title that has to fit so much on screen. Some small bugs were present but nothing distracting and hopefully, they get ironed out in the first patch.

You can play Breakpoint alone, but since Multiplayer is the focus that is what we looked at. Joining games is simple, find a friend playing and click their avatar and pop into their game beside them. It is one of the easiest systems to use and even when one player had a crash out they were back in in a few seconds and hadn’t lost any progress.

The main story can be played through completely in co-op, and this is where we hope to have the most fun. If you don’t have firends online there is an in-game hub that you can visit to find other players to partner up with. You can also get into the PVP modes from here. We didn’t get a chance to check the PVP modes out as we were having too much fun on the island exploring and ramping jeeps off cliffs.

This is a beta, it is more designed for the studio to check their tech and ensure a smooth launch rather than as a marketing demo of the final product. But if we were all suitably impressed and if it is this good now, it is a day one purchase for us all.

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