Global Chip Shortage Strikes Again

The impact of the pandemic on the global economy is still causing havoc. Long after its launch, the PS5 is still struggling to meet demand, Electric Car manufactures are pushing delivery dates well back into 2022 and this week Pre-Order holders of two upcoming Handhelds got the bad news that their shipping date has also suffered a similar fate.

The first email from Valve announced the Steam Deck (due to start shipping in Dec 2021) has been pushed back to 2022. Then another blow, Playdate announced that their interesting little device has run into issues with its battery that resulted in 5000 units needing to go back and get a new battery. With that resolved they ran into another issue acquiring chips. The lead time on the current chip is over two years!

Both handhelds are still due in 2022, everyone is working through this as best they can but it’s hard not to be disappointed.

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