Welcome to Bone-idle.ie.

First established at the beginning of 2009 Bone-idle.ie quickly rose to become Ireland’s biggest independent video game & film publication, well renowned for its honest fresh original content.

We also have a vibrant community of online gamers.

If you would like to contact us please do so at Admin@bone-idle.ie

Based in Ireland, and manned by a team of dedicated writers.

Meet the rest of the team

Stephen Hill : Film Editor : Film Section.

Stacy Grouden : Film reviewer

Sèamus Hanly: Film reviewer

David Hill : Senior Video Game Reviewer and News Writer

David Kiely : Senior Video Game Reviewer

Claire Curtin : Irish Gaming Industry Specialist, Game Reviewer & News Writer.

Daniel Finn: Games Reviewer and News Writer

Community :

Cian Crowdy: Community Manager


If you would like to contact us to discuss anything, please email:

Video Game Department: Contact David@bone-idle.ie

Film Department: Contact Stephen@Bone-idle.ie

Specialist Irish Gaming Industry Contact : Claire@Bone-idle.ie

Community Cian@Bone-idle.ie



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