Competition: Win The Adventures Of Tintin The Secret of The Unicorn On Xbox360

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    Publisher Ubisoft 

    Platform Xbox360

    Competition Close date 30th October 2011

    Tintin is the big movie launch for Halloween and of course like every great adventure it needs a video game spin off too.

    So we have teamed up with the lovely people at Ubisoft to give you the chance to win a copy of the game on Xbox360.

    The action packed adventure has Kinect support but is also playable without the Kinect if you are not lucky enough to have one.

    So to win this competition you will need to answer this very difficult question in the comment section below this post.

    (Comments have to be approved before they appear on the site to ensure nothing bold gets posted, so if you do not see your comment straight away do not worry we have gotten it , it just takes a little while to be approved)

    While you are waiting you may like to read our review of the movie or our interviews with the two stars Jamie Bell and Andy Sekris. Our Game Review will follow later in the week.

    The all important question.

    Who directed the Movie version of Tintin the secret of the Unicorn?

    Was it?

    A- Peter Jackson

    B- Steven Spielberg

    C- Michael Bay.

    Small print :  One winner will be chosen at random from the correct entries, judges decision is final. closing date is 30th of October at 10pm.

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      1. Emma Childs says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      2. brian osullivan says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      3. Sue Carroll says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      4. Craig says:

        B. Steven Speilberg

      5. Paddy Dunne says:

        Answer.. Steven Spielberg

      6. Colin Kelly says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      7. Rebecca Denyer says:

        B) Steven Spielberg

      8. David Hill says:

        B – Steven Spielberg

      9. Dee Edmonds says:

        B. Steven Spielberg

      10. B – Steven Spielberg x

      11. Wendy Collard says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      12. MAZZ MULLARKEY says:

        B) Steven Spielberg

      13. Mick Walsh says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      14. Lee Thompson says:

        The answer is B) Stephen Spielberg

      15. TITCHYLIN says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      16. lee - tracey brotherton says:

        B)Steven Spielberg :-)

      17. eoghainchops says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      18. Derek says:

        B)Steven Spielberg

      19. James says:

        B) Steven Speilberg

      20. Katie Bennett says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

        this game looks amazing its about time a game comes out that has a great movie toe in and looks fun to play whatever age you are ….. me and my boy would love to win this and play together …….

      21. Richard mc dermott says:

        Steven spielberg

      22. Bonny says:

        B)Steven Spielberg

      23. Bryden says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      24. Eanan Cooke says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      25. Jayne Sullivan says:

        B) Steven Spielberg

        I have just seen the film. An excellent adventure.

      26. Tony Luker says:

        B- Steven Spielberg

      27. Grainne says:

        B. Steven Speilberg