Introducing: Nintendo Switch

It has finally arrived –  Nintendo have unveiled the newest addition to the console roster, in the form of the Nintendo Switch. Scheduled for worldwide release in March 2017, the Switch combines home and portable play into one. The Switch rests in the dock when playing on the big screen, but when you lift it from its moorings, it instantly switches play to the smaller screen, making it portable with a high definition display. The portability of the Switch means it doesn’t necessarily need the dock to be used away from home either; the entirety of the console is contained within the hand-held screen.


Nintendo’s approach to a controller for the Switch is entirely down the to the person who wields it; so many options for play are available. Detachable controllers in each hand, called “Joy-Cons”, can be slipped onto the side of the Switch when on the move, or one Joy Con can be shared with a friend for multiplayer. The multiplayer options don’t stop at just two, though; multiple Joy Con can be utilised for a variety of different gaming options. Two Joy-Cons slipped into a Joy-Con grip creates a single controller, for a more traditional feeling control pad. Other additional Switch accessories will be available, such as the Switch Pro Controller, a standardised game controller. A group of players can also bring their own Switch consoles for local multiplayer action. It’s not known yet if the Switch portable screen is a touch screen, nor if the Joy Cons can be used to point and click at the TV with the help of a motion sensor bar, as is the case with the Wii and Wii U, but more details will surely be on their way.


Nintendo have also decided on going back to their roots by using game cards instead of discs; digital copies of games will no doubt also be available through Nintendo store, but small SD sized cards can be plugged into the console, somehow packing much more game onto bite sized little game cards.

The video alone from Nintendo boasts several games in the roster already, a surprise addition being Bethesda’s TES V: Skyrim. A new Super Mario for the Switch makes a tiny appearance, while other titles from across the industry, such as Splatoon and Mario Kart are showcased as well. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will be available on both Wii U and Switch was the main title on show in Nintendo’s video.


Boasting media partners from across the games industry, including that of NVIDIA, whose gaming technology is at the heart of the Switch, a more complete list of Nintendo’s partners is available on their official website here.

Check out the trailer for Switch here:

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