Irish Developer Feature Week

Featured Studio Nevermind Games

Date Dec 2nd 2011

Continuing with our feature on the Irish developer scene this week see’s us looking at Nevermind Games a studio that has set up shop in Sunny Thurles, Co.Tipperary. not too far from the Bone-idle offices here in Limerick.

Nevermind Games is another new Irish studio to pop up in the last year, it all came about when four friends came together last summer. CEO Mark Lambe, Alan Boyce and James Sadlier all have a back ground in software development and then for the artistic flair they have Kevin McGarry and between the four of them they hold the key knowledge and skills to make their own games.

The team will release their first full title next year when TroubleSum hits the iOS market. The studio have taken their time to make sure it is of a sufficient quality that it not only pleases the gamers but is also something they can be extremely proud of too.

After receiving lots of help and encouragement from IT Tipperary and the LEAP program which really helped to focus the studio and ensure they got the information they needed. They set about creating TroubleSum a clever little puzzle game which combines a traditional stacking game with quick thinking mathematical problems.

The game features a number of modes the classic mode which just pits you against the falling numbered blocks. It also includes the more advanced arcade mode which throws in a number of curve balls for you to deal with including bombs, replicators, multipliers, random tiles and the dreaded Medusa Tile.

The game launches next year and we will be covering it when it does.

Nevermind games CEO Mark Lambe talks to us later today as part of our focus on the Irish Video Game developer scene.

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