Irish Developers Week : Feature on Bitsmith Games

Irish Developers Week

Featured studio : Bitsmith Games

Interviewee : Ralph Croly

Date Dec 3rd 2011

Bitsmith Games are starting to make waves in the industry long before their first game has gotten to release which is a huge positive but it’s easy to see why people are starting to take notice of this studio who have a very uniquely Irish game in production.

The team is made up of three Dublin based friends, Owen Harris who looks after the Code and Game Design, Basil Lim who is the talented artist behind the beautiful visuals and Ralph Croly the brains behind the music and the UI design.




Their first game will be a tablet game launching on to the iOS market place later next year. is built on the Unity engine. A simple choice as Unity has so much packed into it and is quite simple to use when compared to many other game engines available to start ups. It’s cheap, very functional and also incredibly powerful.




 is set around the ancient Irish mythology with a very unique Celtic style to the art work and animation. Setting the game in this fantasy world is a first but also a brilliant move, there is already a wealth of stories and characters to be utilised. Many modern fantasy games struggle to create a world that is believable so tapping into one that is already very much part of the Irish psyche.

You can preview the game over on Bitsmiths Games website

We will be talking to Ralph from Bitsmith Games later today so make sure you check that out.


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