Metro Last Light Gamescom Preview

Developer 4A Games

Publisher THQ

Platform PS3, Xbox360, PC

Release Date 2012 TBC

One of our first meetings at this year’s Gamescom was with the team behind Metro Last Light. The follow up to the cult classic Metro 2033, Metro Last Light will continue in a similar fashion but we have been promised by the developers that they have addressed many of the issues the plagued the original.


Metro 2033 is based on the book by the same name is set in the year 2033 in the subways of Moscow. In 2013 after the world was destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse the remaining survivors have taken shelter in the subways under the city as they were designed to withstand a nuclear attack. The surface is now little more than a poisonous wasteland uninhabitable by humans but home to mutated creatures.

The world created in Metro is a terror soaked, panic riddled first person shooter, but a FPS with something a bit more about it. You take on the role of Artyom who has been raised in the underground, following the end of Metro 2033, Metro Last light picks up as again you play as Artyom searching for a prisoner who is the key to survival.

Despite the follow up book being named 2034 the developers decided to not take that name, as thy explained the first book is a real road trip kind of book that suited a game but its follow up is quite a bizarre experience which led them to create their own follow up story.



The main issues have been addressed, the controls are far more responsive, movement is far smother, it retains the wonderful use of light and stealth while also packing in tons of action to keep you busy. The section we got to see was a specially created demo for the convention and as such was made up of far more dramatic scenes than the actual game.

Expect the same panic, the same terror but not the same problems. It looks like this time they have built a game that really works

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