PlayStation 5 Launches Today in Ireland

Another week another Next Gen console launch. Following hot on the tails of the Xbox Series X that launched last week to critical acclaim. (You can check out our review of the Xbox Series X here) Sony’s own Next-Gen console the PlayStation 5 has finally arrived and thousands of fans will be eagerly awaiting the postman this morning.

Unfortunately, like many other bitterly disappointed gamers this morning, we are in the same boat and will have to wait a few more days to get our hands on a console. One is on the way, somewhere in the postal system, but unlikely to land today and will have a knock-on delay to our hardware review.

For the first time in our decade long history writing about Sony PlayStation, Sony has not able to get us some hands-on time with any of the new tech before the launch.

Covid 19 has had a massive impact on Sony’s launch plans, hindering our ability to attend gatherings and play with the new tech and Sony’s ability to get enough consoles manufactured to meet demand.

For those lucky enough to get a console today the PS5 promises an ultra-fast hard drive that will drastically reduce loading times, smooth 4K graphics and a new Haptic feedback controller to really immerse you in the strong line up of launch games.

Sony has been on a big promotion tour, deploying light shows across the world. Last night saw the Convention Centre in Dublin lit up in blue with depictions of the iconic PlayStation shapes, and images of the console and controllers.

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