Ratchet & Clank Review PS4

At a time when HD remastering is rampant calling Ratchet & Clank a remastering, or even a reboot, would be doing it a disservice. Although technically it is a retelling of the story from the original PS2 classic, Insomniac Games have included so many aspects from what they have learnt along their long history with the franchise, as well adding lots of fresh new ideas, that it makes it its own game and a must have PS4 title.


Visually the series has finally reached where they perhaps always wanted to be, the “Disney Pixar” level of colour and cuteness. The characters are adorable and overflowing with personality, the animation really brings them to life and the mix of chaos on the screen when doing battle ensure all the senses get a good workout.


The universe is jam packed with places new and old to visit and explore, along with countless weapons and gadgets to find and upgrade. They have done a great job of balancing the story with the grind of upgrading and unlocking. You never feel stuck in the boring trudge through an arbitrary XP mining scenario, but rather you want to actively continue exploring the worlds so you can see what wacky thing the next upgrade will unlock. Heading back to previously explored worlds with your new unlocks allows you to access areas previously unattainable. This, while never a requirement to progress the story, does stretch out the time with the game in a fun way.


The story is a simple tale of two friends out to save the galaxy in the most fun and action packed way possible. The charm comes in the way it is presented as a flash back for the imprisoned Captain Qwark who narrates the adventure from the perspective of telling the tale of how he met Ratchet and Clank to his fellow inmates. This works to compliment your actions in game, sometimes he will hilariously embellish the story to make it seem more impressive, other times he will dish out helpful titbits of info to assist you and point you in the right direction or help pick the right gadget.


The gameplay is as you might expect from the series a solid 3D platforming experience, they have mixed in a number of different styles to freshen up the missions and puzzles but for the most part you are running, jumping and shooting your way around a stunning looking world.

Overall: Insomniac have created a delightful and gorgeous looking adventure that rekindles the relationships forged in 2002 for the older gamer, while making it a very contemporary title for a new audience of young players.

A must have for all ages.

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