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The team at Snakebyte were kind enough to drop off some of their latest console accessories to review. This review will focus on the new products for the Next Gen consoles (you can check out our Nintendo Switch reviews here) and you can also check out our review of the Xbox Series X console here. PS5 console review is coming soon.

Today we will be looking at a number of devices from Snakebyte including the new Charging Docks, Headsets, Data Transfer Cables, and a Game Tower Storage Solution.

Each of the items does have its styling to match the console of choice. Xbox Series X fans can choose the black option, while Series S fans can choose white. PlayStation 5 fans get this stylish Black and White design (although most product also comes in pure black should you not want the black and white look).

For the most part, this styling is only aesthetic. If you prefer the look of the PS5 headset but have an Xbox, there is no reason why it would not work. This is not the case for the Charging docks however, they have specific fittings to suit the specific controller, so you can’t use the Xbox dock with a PS5 controller.


First up is our favorite, the Twin: Charge. If like me, you are constantly forgetting to plug in your controllers and just when you need it most you get hit with the dreaded low battery notification. Or you find the cables sticking out of the console to be untidy, then this product might be for you.

The Twin Charge docks use a wireless charging design. You don’t need to worry about plugging in the controller. All you need to do is, at the end of a gaming session, set the controller into its seat on the dock to start the charging process. Because the dock can accommodate two controllers you can ensure both are kept charged if and when the need for some couch co-op appears.

The USB-C charging cable (included) can be plugged into the USB port at the back of the console. Then into the back of the dock ensuring it remains hidden from sight. No more unsightly cables sticking out the front of your sleek new console. Also, because the single cable powers the dock, and can charge two controllers at once, it removes at least one extra cable from the equation making it even tidier.

Since the controllers are such a feature of the new consoles, the Dock itself acts as a kind of display unit. The Xbox dock has a robust black styling with holes on the top to match the console. The PS5 dock has two fins either side to also compliment the console. Both look great beside the console of choice and create a nice pairing.

A big bonus for the those on Xbox, you get two additional battery packs with the dock. these replace the need for actual batteries saving you money in the long run. The PS5, of course, has a built-in battery pack so no need for any additional pack.

Games: Tower 5

The Games Tower 5 is for the PS5 (there is an Xbox version also available), it can easily hold ten games, four controllers (both PS4 and PS5 will fit) and a small drawer for items you are likely to misplace like the media remote.

This is a great option for those with limited storage space. Or a bunch of kids that leave controllers laying around. Having everything kept in one location is tidy and they are easy to find.

Head: Set: 5

The Head: Set 5, Our one is again for the PS5, but that is purely aesthetic. Because it uses the 3.5mm jack on your controller you can use it across a multitude of devices, including the Nintendo Switch.

The handy foldaway design makes it easy to slip into a jacket pocket should you want to carry it outside the house. And unlike other gaming headsets that tend to have a fixed mic that would look silly on the bus, the Headset 5 has a detachable one. One of the few, if not only, headsets in this price range that has this feature.

In the box, you will also find a small hook that can be stuck on to a shelf, for example, allowing the headset to be stored in a discreet location when not in use. It is a surprisingly low price point and is very comfortable to use.

Charge & Data Cable 5

Anyone with a new console will already be very aware of the limited size of the hard drive. While both allow you to connect an external Hard Drive to help alleviate this issue. A common mistake people make is to not use a cable that can handle the data transfer rates for gaming.

The Snakebyte Charge & Data Cable supports USB 3.2 and has a transfer rate of up to 10gb a second.

It will also work as a charging cable should your hardrive need a power source and doubles as a controller charging cable too.

It is available in different lengths to suit your needs. If you want to use it to charge while playing maybe consider the longer cables.

Battery Kit SX

Because Microsoft stayed with their controller design that uses two AA batteries rather than an integrated pack, you will find that you are constantly buying and replacing batteries.

Snakebyte have the Battery Kit S|X which includes two battery packs, and a single Y USB-C cable. The cable splits in two allowing for two controllers to be charged at once.

The kit is also compatible with the Twin Charge S|X dock (but if you re buying that dock remember it includes two battery packs. So unless you need to change four controllers at once you won’t need to buy both.


The products are very well made and robust, the individual styling is great if you want to maintain a look. These consoles cost enough, we may as well make them a feature in the room.

Everything has a very reasonable price point too. For us, the Twin Charge Docks stood out, and have been in use constantly since they arrived.

I know where my controllers are, and they are always charged, which wasn’t always the way 🙂

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