The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review

Developer Frogware

Publisher Focus Home Interactive

Platform PC,PS3, Xbox360

Release Date Out Now

Become the greatest detective of all time in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Set in the wonderfully recreated London including locations such as the famous Baker Street. 1898 marks the year of what is surely Holmes most telling case to date which flips to see the man himself as a suspect.



The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a new take on the old fashioned point and click adventure games. Environments are not quite fully interactive but they do allow you to walk around and pick up items of interest and inspect them to try and find clues to piece together your case.

Questioning witnesses and suspects is an important part of the game as you keep trying to get to the bottom of this twisted case riddled with murder, theft, double crossing and fraud in this ever twisting story that will keep you guessing to the very end.



You play as Holmes or in some sections as Watson a typical scenario see’s you enter a crime scene, items of interest are highlighted by a magnifying glass. Clicking into this using the A button bring up more on the item. You can have a closer look or take samples from the crime scenes.

Collecting clues from the crime scene can lead to further clues when you get back to your lab and have the chance to investigate further. Tiny fragments that may have been missed can be revealed, dirt from under finger nails can be compared to dirt from footprints.

All your deductions are written down in your note book, this will list some clues gathered from talking to suspects and investigating crime scenes. It is up to the player to decide what these mean and how they piece together. This can at times be frustratingly vague.



Controls are actually quite good and the team have done a good job of implementing a point and click adventure game on the controller. It is not action packed so you do get to take your time. This is a thinking game rather than one heavy on set pieces.

The puzzles are very difficult but they do make sense, it will drive you bonkers at times but once you crack the puzzle you will agree that it is a very rewarding game.

Overall: Something very different from the usual titles hitting shelves these days, it still has a number of problems and won’t suit everybody but should you have a mind for criminal investigations and a lot of time to think then this might be the game for you.


SCORE 7/10

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