The Walking Dead Interview Introduction

The Walking Dead

Cast Interview series

Developer TellTale Games

The Walking Dead has been one of this year’s surprises, Telltale Games have taken their inspiration from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels and created a living comic book experience. The art design and storytelling has been top notch but all that hard work would fall down if it wasn’t for a very talented bunch of actors who have all given incredible performances to make this much more than just another game.

We have been lucky enough over the last few weeks to get to chat to some of the amazing cast. Each day we will have a new interview with one of the main characters. These interviews will give you an insight into the people behind the mic. Looking at their own back ground, how they got into voice acting, their thoughts on the industry, what they think about working with Telltale on The Walking Dead and their thoughts on their in-game characters.


We would like to take this moment to thank the cast members who have taken part. They have been great to work with and from first contact have been blown away about how enthusiastic and passionate you have been about our little project, this has been a very humbling experience. Thanks again you guys rock!

A special thanks to Dave Fennoy for going to great lengths to help set it all up and helped turn this into an amazing week long feature piece.

More thanks to dish out to Job Stauffer of Telltale Games who has been a great support to us, not only on this project but all year while covering The Walking Dead game.

Finally to the team at Telltale thank you for creating such an amazing game!

To celebrate the release of Episode 4 we will be publishing the first interview on Wednesday.


Make sure you check back all week as we talk to Lee, Clem, Kenny, Katjaa, Lilly, creepy Danny st. John and get a great insight into two new characters Clarisa and Omid who have just appeared at the end of episode 3 and then the director who tied all those amazing performances together.




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