Ubisoft Announce Their Upcoming Digital Platform Plans.

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After enjoying huge (and well deserved) success with “From Dust” and Beyond Good and Evil HD as digital downloads Ubisoft are ramping up to deliver even more exciting digital titles in the upcoming year across many different platforms from the PS3, iOS and even Facebook. (Facebook now boasts 200million users who play Facebook games.)

Amoung the titles is I am Alive a game that dropped off the radar recently, as well as Babel Rising both set for PSN/Xbox Live. 

Ubisoft’s Babel Rising is the next-generation version of the popular iPhone® game of the same name. In Babel Rising, gamers play as God, preventing humans from building the tower of Babel. Gamers can use their divine powers by hurling bolts of lightning, summoning massive earthquakes or unleashing gigantic floods upon the Babylonians. Mando Production, the developer of Babel Rising, has breathed new life into the game with 3D graphics and competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. Babel Rising also features motion control via Kinect™ for Microsoft Xbox 360® entertainment system and PlayStation® Move for the Sony PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, allowing players to control the elements with intuitive gestures and putting truly God-like powers in their hands.

The Iphone and Ipad is getting its own versions of well established titles such as Assassins Creed and Rayman and the Rabbids will also be infesting the Apple product.

In addition to Assassin’s Creed and Rabbids, Ubisoft also plans to bring more of its top brands directly to the App StoreSM, including Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®, Michael Jackson the Experience, and Prince of Persia®. The company also is creating new games and brands for the iOS platform, such as Monster Burner, a frantic arcade-style game filled with fun strategic puzzles, invading hordes of monsters, powerful spells and extreme environments.

“Continued advancements in mobile phones and tablets are bringing new audiences to gaming, and Ubisoft has the well-known brands and experience as an innovator on new platforms to bring quality games to mobile customers,” said Chris Early, Vice President of Digital Publishing, Ubisoft.  “We’re excited to directly bring Ubisoft’s well-known brands and quality games to these players.”

Facebook is also getting some Ubi action as today

Ubisoft announced that it is expanding its line-up of social games on Facebook based on hit television series, including new games based on “CSITM: Miami,” “HOUSETM,” and “NCISTM.” Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, Method and Ubisoft San Francisco, CSITM: Miami, House, M.D.TM: Critical Cases and NCISTM: Major Crimes all will be released on Facebook during the company’s fiscal 2012.

“Ubisoft continues to focus on delivering a diverse portfolio of quality content across all platforms to please our fans,” said Chris Early, Vice President of Digital Publishing, Ubisoft. “Our license-based Facebook titles have performed well this year, including The Smurfs & Co. and CSI: Crime City. With CSI: Miami, House, M.D.: Critical Cases and NCIS: Major Crimes, we’re giving more fans new ways of being a part of and sharing in their favorite fictional worlds.”

In House, M.D.TM: Critical Cases, fans of the hit television show “HOUSETM” will have the opportunity to join House and his entire team to diagnose the most challenging medical cases at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.  True to the show, players will screen clinic patients, investigate symptoms, and examine environmental causes in order to prescribe the right treatments and cure patients.  The game can be played with friends who can help out by performing diagnostic tests, treating referrals, and reviving crashed patients. House, M.D.TM: Critical Cases will launch in 2011.

Based on the #1 television drama series “NCISTM,” NCISTM: Major Crimes takes players on a journey through the gritty processes of a naval crime scene investigation. By taking on the role of a junior investigator, or ‘Probie,’ players will work alongside “NCISTM” characters as they work crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and visit memorable locations from the show, such as Abby’s lab. Fans also will be able to partner with their friends to form Field Teams capable of unraveling the most brutal murders, acts of terrorism and cases of international intrigue. NCISTM: Major Crimes will debut on Facebook in early 2012.

CSITM: Miami features Horatio Caine and his famous sunglasses, with new crime-solving game play in the fabulously exotic locations of Miami. Friends work together to uncover evidence, interrogate suspects, build out their high-tech labs and discover the grisly truth about Miami’s most challenging crimes.  CSITM: Miami will be available in early 2012.


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