Xbox Cloud Gaming Launches in 22 Countries with 167 games on Day 1.

We got the opportunity to test the Xbox Cloud Gaming service during the beta period. At that time, even in the beta phase, we were very impressed. Having Next Gen Console-Quality games on your mobile device has been a dream of many for years.

Starting tomorrow this dream becomes a reality for Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers at no additional cost. That’s right it is FREE, and on day 1 it launches with 167 games.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to stream directly to either a mobile device or your console. But more importantly, because it is all in the cloud, your game saves sync.

You can start a game of Wasteland 3 on the bus on your mobile phone and then finish it on the couch at home on your console. Now if someone needs to take over the TV to watch the news you can keep gaming on your tablet.

Importantly, this now opens up the world of Xbox to those who don’t have a console. All you need is an Android device and a controller.

Game Pass Ultimate is becoming the must have subscription for gamers. With news last week of the addition of EA play and now that you can play on Xbox, PC or Mobile! It really offers a consumer friendly entry to gaming.

The full list of 22 supported countries can be found here

You can see the full list of titles available tomorrow here on the official blog

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