Bone-Idle Interview : David Rutter Producer on Fifa 12 Part 2

This is part 2 of the Interview with David Rutter Producer on the Fifa 12 game.

Bone-Idle: For code that is pre Alpha it does seem quite developed?

DR: That’s why we are here man ha ha..basically we think we have something pretty special.

Bone-Idle: How difficult was it to develop the precision dribbling as a step on from the 360degree dribbling that was implemented 2 years ago?

DR: Yea I’m pretty sure I met you guys around Fifa 10 time and we were boasting at E3 that you could run around the centre circle with a fluid motion now you can actually turn on the centre circle. To be able to explore not only angles but the distance you can travel over them and to be able to change very rapidly like the way Messi can is a real significant step for us.

Precision dribbling fixes everything that didn’t work before and tactical defending adds its own appeal to the game too. So on the one hand you have brilliant stuff for our long term fans but also something that’s good for our new fans and that’s very rare that you can say that.

Bone-Idle: It was one of the first things I noticed was that you can do those little jinks inside players and move the ball around in very tight spots.

DR: You should have seen it in January it was insane you could just run from one end to the other it was a lot of fun but completely pointless so we had to tune it down to the way it is now which we feel is very realistic and that it isn’t an exploit and that tactical defending had depth and skill to it as the player now has to initiate the tackle and it soon becomes second nature to the player.

Bone-Idle: The precision dribbling then is it different from every player for example Messi will be much better than Rio Ferdinand?

DR: Absolutely and that’s the key when we talk about personality and tactical defending is a big part of the game the Rio Ferdinand’s of this world read the game very well and react very well to a tackle in real life are significantly better at tackling than others.

Taking it further the player intelligence, the players on the pitch can almost look around and they know what their team mates are good at and will try to use that for example Peter Crouch is good in the air so more often than not the player will cross in high balls to him.

Bone-Idle: That was very impressive the way the players would consider that and the vision mechanic too that allows the player to pick out those killer passes.

DR: Big time and that’s only a couple of additions that we will be talking about in the coming months, we still haven’t talked about online, the career mode or any of the other stuff so when you see the final level of change in the game you get a sense of the scope of what we are doing this year.

Bone-Idle: In regards to Pro Evo do you think you have opened up a gap over them and will this year aim to maintain it or even increase it?

DR: I think so in terms of what I know and how hard it is for us to do what we do and I know how hard it is for those guys over there ..and I have a lot of respect for that team too ..but ultimately for us to be able to come out in May and say hey its revolution time not evolution time, because we were leading the pack and we had a game the everyone loved so we could say hey what’s stopping us from getting to the next level and fix it so that’s what we did.

Bone-Idle: Last one Andy Grey yes or no?

DR: Andy Grey what?

Bone-Idle: Is he in the game?

DR: It seems to be a topic of conversation ha ha, we don’t have female officials it’s not a conscious decision, we just have generic officials, as far as commentators, there are some more announcements to come at some point about who they are and that will come out along the same times as what players are on the pack etc at this stage I’m really only able to talk about the gameplay.

Bone-idle: Many thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.


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