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Event Play Fifa for 2012 minutes 

Date Sat 10th 2011

This Saturday, December 10th, four Cork gamers will attempt to break a gaming marathon World Record and raise money for Children In Hospital Ireland.

The group ‘Fi-Fa-4-Fun’ will play the football game FIFA 12 for a total of 2012 minutes, attempting to break the previous world record by over 3 hours! The team’s target is to raise at least €2012.00.

The event will be broadcast live to the world via webcam, and the team will accept challenges from any gamer who donates to the charity. But it won’t be all fun for the team, as they will have to abide by a strict set of rules. Rules include a total of 4 hours sleep for each player over the course of the gameathon, with a maximum of two people sleeping at any given time. No alcohol will be consumed, and at least one member of the team must be playing the game at all times.

The charity the group are raising money on behalf of, Children in Hospital Ireland (CHI), is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting and ensuring the welfare of all children in hospital and their families. For 41 years, the organisation has been directly working with sick children to bring them fun and support. CHI uses its expertise to deliver unique daily and weekly play sessions that support child patients, parents and staff in 20 hospital wards and playrooms nationwide.

Team member Ross Herlihy said: “Most of the team spent some time in hospital as kids or have relations who did and have seen at first hand just how hard it can be both on the child and the parents. In the build to Christmas we just wanted to find some way to give back to the people that have helped us in the past, and to make the future a bit brighter for those going through tough times now.”

The Fi-Fa-4-Fun team met while studying Multimedia in CIT. While in CIT they organized and took part in two leg waxing fundraising events, eventually raising more then €2000 for the Simon Community and over €3000 for the Pakistani Earthquake relief fund. Since then, they have all gone on to work in the multimedia industry and technology is a big part of their lives.

For additional information or to make a donation, please visit or email<> or follow on Twitter @FiFa4Fun <>

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