Dark Souls Review PC

Developer From Software

Publisher Namco Bandai Games

Platform PC

Release Date Out Now

Dark Souls has made the reverse jump from console to PC recently and the results are very mixed indeed. The game has not changed dramatically during the porting process in fact it is remarkably similar to the console version so much so it still retains the button prompts from the Xbox version.

Pretty early on it became apparent that the mouse and keyboard are simply not an option for me but luckily I had my Xbox for windows controller to hand and instantly everything was ok again. Graphically the game is locked in at 720p and 30 frames per second. There are some mods out already that help improve it but the base game is not up to the usual quality seen on the PC market.



That’s not to say the game is ugly, quite the opposite in fact. It has its own beauty and charm and anyway when you have what has been classed by critics and gamers alike as one of the crowning achievements of this generation why do you need to mess with it?

As the game has not changed and we have already reviewed it twice there is little reason to go over the same points again. Both reviews are available to read below.

Review 1

Review 2


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