Deck Mate. The Steam Deck Mounting Solution | Review

The Deck Mate is an incredibly clever device, that solves multiple problems for Steam Deck owners. By clipping in any of the multiple attachments you can add kickstands, Vesa mounts, Wall mounts or power banks to name a few.

One of the best parts of the DeckMate is that it can be purchased as an “entire system” for around $50 or in individual parts to suit your needs.

In the “Entire System” Bundle you get everything listed below.

  • 1x Deckmate Grip – This first part is the core of the system. It is a clip that fastens over the top and bottom of the deck and holds on securely. Turn the Deck around and you will notice a clever port that can be used to swap in and out a number of different attachments.
  • 1x Deckmate adapter – Just in case you have a hard case or the official Dock, then the Deckmate Grip above may not fit. Worry not, this is where the Deckmate Adapter comes in. With an adhesive back, it can be securely stuck to the back of your Steam Deck and allows the Deckmate system to work!
  • 1x Kickstand – The first attachment (and the one I really wanted) was the kickstand. Simply clip it in and your deck will now stand proud on any flat surface.
  • 1x Wall mount – Should you want to mount your Deck to a wall. Maybe you want to hide it behind a TV or store it high out of the way of small hands. The wall mount can be screwed to the wall and the Deck can be clipped in and out when you need it.
  • 2x Universal Puck – These adhesive-backed “pucks” allow you to mount external items such as hard drives, battery banks, USB hub etc. to your Deck. Because you stick the puck to the external item and not your Deck, you can easily swap them in and out as needed.
  • 1x VESA mount – This lets you connect your Deck to a monitor arm. Maybe a more unique use but if you have a spare Vesa mount then maybe you want to use the Deck as a mini monitor.
  • Extras – VESA Mount screws, Wall Mount screws, extra Universal Puck adhesive, and an alcohol wipe.

From spending around two weeks with the “Entire System” we have a few thoughts.

First, it is really well made, every piece feels robust and high quality. From looking online the few teething issues last year have been addressed and customer service is of the highest order.

Everyone’s own user case will be a little different and one thing to consider is your current Dock or Case set-up.

I have the Offical Steam Deck Dock, so when the Deckmate grip is attached, it can’t fit into the Dock’s grove and stay in place. While it can still connect to the USB and enter docked mode. It can’t stand up unless I remove the grip (which takes around 5 seconds). I do think the grip will be more suited to those that are on the move rather than those who store it at home in a dock.

So for me, the Deckmate adapter (shown above) solves this problem. Its smaller form factor means it can attach to the deck itself and offer all the flexibility of the grip in terms of attaching the accessories while still fitting into a Dock or hard case. One downside is that once it is stuck to your Deck, it is really stuck with adhesive. You can get it off but it’s not made to clip off like the grip is.

The Kickstand is sturdy. It clips in without any fuss and offers a nice range of flexibility to get the right angle. It can lean right back and still hold firm.

The wall mount was a part I didn’t think I initially needed. The Deck normally sits in my Dock on my desk. But I have recently wall-mounted a TV that I can also connect to the Steam Deck too using a third-party USB C hub. I’ve now screwed the TV mount to the wall where it is hidden behind the wall-mounted TV and the Deck can be clipped in here nice and neatly for some big-screen gameplay.

The Pucks are a great idea, you get two with the entire system bundle but can order more. I used this to stick to a power bank when extra power is needed. Do be careful to pick the right thing to stick to as the adhesive is strong (not impossible to get off, but not something you want to mess around with too much).

The Vesa mount is probably overkill, at least for me. I don’t plan to use it as I don’t currently have a monitor arm on my deck, but who knows what the future holds?

Overall: A great system that solves multiple problems for Steam Deck owners through the clever use of its different attachments. The build quality is very good and will support regular swapping of attachments.

If you want to use any of the parts while also using the official dock then the Decmate adapter is essential. If you are more focused on travelling and using it handheld then the Deckmate grip is the better option as you get the two extra SD card holders.

The Deckmate can be purchased in the EU from their Etsy store. It is worth noting that if you are ordering from Ireland you will need to pay shipping and import tax (taken at source) which that bumps the price to around €80. But there are often some promotions on the smaller parts for free shipping or you might get a discount code. North American customers can order from the main home page

Note: We do not receive any reward from the links in this article. They are there to help and because we like the product. The Deckmate was purchased with money from our own pockets.

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