E3 2015 RUNDOWN – EA Press Conference.

Industry Event E3 2015

Publisher EA

Platform Varied. 

EA showcased a strong line up for the next 18 months. The opened the show with Mass Effect, packed the middle with sports, and ended strong with Star Wars Battlefront. The surprise in the middle was the endearing Unravel and our first real look at Mirror’s Edge.

Mass Effect Andromeda:

Release Date Q4 2016

Little is known at this stage about the next installment but EA opened with a live action trailer and got a rousing reception when that N7 logo appeared on screen.


Need For Speed: 

Release Holiday 2015

The franchise reboot is looking incredible, the developers promise a lot of customization and various different modes. How close this is to Underground remains to be seen but for first glances it is going in the right direction.


Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire

Release October 27th 2015

EA’s MMORPG SW:TOR gets a new story driven expansion that will be free to all subscribers. The team are promising a return to Bioware style story telling with emotion and consequences.



Release Date TBC

The show stealing moment when a very nervous Martin Sahlin took to stage to unveil Unravel. This is a 2D puzzle platformer with stunning visuals and a lot of heart.


Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Release Date 2016

Making its return is the third person shooter Garden Warfare, Popcap’s fun shooter was a success with players and critics liking it.


Lets fly through the next bit the annual iterations of the Sports titles along with awkward guests to make everyone watching think why?

There will be a NHL 16, Madden 16, NBA 16, FIFA 16.


Mobile is a big push and there will be a new Minions and Star Wars mobile title.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. 

Release 2016

Faith is being rebooted, this is not a sequel, not the prequel but rather a reboot of the series to give it the attention it deserves. This will tell the story of Faith and how she rose to be the Catalyst for change. The big news being that all gun play is gone. Faith will rely on her speed and skill to kick ass.


Star Wars Battlefront

Release Date November 2015

This is what everyone was waiting for the first game play footage for Battlefront.


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