E3 2016


It’s that time of year again, folks – E3 has begun! Stay tuned for all things gaming, where we’ll be posting the news and rundown of the Press Conferences taking place over the next few days.

First up: EA, in the Novo theatre!

Please note: All times have been converted from Pacific Time and are listed in IRE/UK time (GMT+1).

E3 2016 Schedule
June 12th – Day -1

9pm: EA Press Conference
3am: Bethesda E3 Showcase
12:30pm: Official Twitch E3 2016 Pre-Pre-Show

June 13th – Day 0

5:30pm: Xbox E3 Briefing
7:30pm: The PC Gaming Show
9pm: Ubisoft E3 Press Conference
2am: PlayStation E3 Experience

June 14th – Day 1

5pm: Nintendo Treehouse LIVE @ E3
6:30pm-2am: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

June 15th – Day 2

6:00pm-3am: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

June 16th – Day 3

6:00pm-2am: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

All times listed in IRE/UK time (GMT+1).

Live streams are available all over the web, either through desktop PC or through your smart phone, so you can keep up even when on the go.
Some streams include their own pre- and post talk; however, E3 have a Twitch channel dedicated entirely to the event.

Click here to watch live from Twitch.

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