Fable Legends Beta Starts Today.

Developer:  Lionhead Studios

Publisher: Microsoft studios

Platforms:  Xbox One

Beta Release:  16th-October-2014

Written By James Horan


If you are a fan of all things Albion then head on over to http://www.fablelegends.com/ and sign up for the closed beta which starts today (16th-October-2014).  Lionhead studios have taken a slightly different approach with the fifth instalment of the popular RPG. You and three of your friends can join forces to take on the evil villain, or for the first time become the villain, instead of eating poor crunchy chickens and decreasing your holy gauge you actually are the bad guy and have to eliminate our would-be heroes.


Like every other game in the series players can interact with villagers, partake in one too many drinks after a quest, crack numerous amounts of fart jokes and customize characters with weapons, armour and abilities.  All in all it will be the same crude, nasty, awesomely fun Fable you can share with your friends.

The game is set 400 years before the events of the first game.  Heroes are more common and even more powerful, but the people of Albion are only just learning what a true Hero can be. “The Moon on the Stick”. The artefact that our heroes are searching for plays a major role in the story, although it is not known how or why just yet, looks like we will all have to wait and play to find out there.


Over the coming months of the beta Lionhead have said they will be adding more content for players to test, so if you do not get called up to Albion straight away don’t worry too much about it, as the beta grows in content so will the testers. But first you need to sign up and register to be in with a chance of being part of this hugely successful franchise.




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