Far Cry Primal Review

Ubisoft take the tried and tested Far Cry formula and reinvigorate it by setting it in the most unlikely of settings, the Stone Age. In doing so they allow the player to experience what is essentially a reskin of Far Cry 4 in a totally new and more engaging way.

You play as Takker part of the Wenja tribe from the Oros Valley. The year is 10,000 BC and the rest of your tribe has been scattered across the valley. It is your job the head out into the forests, frozen caves and dense swamps to find them and reunite the tribe.


The valley is rife with danger, other tribes are also starting to set out on their own path and generally coming in contact with them is not going to end well. However more terrifying than any human is the array of vicious animals that prowl the valley such as wolves, saber tooth tigers and mammoths, never mind the terrifying underwater dangers.

Unlike the previous installments your arsenal of weapons is much more limited. There are no assault rifles and rocket launchers. Instead you have spears, clubs and a bow and arrow. This gives the game that added dimensions as you always feel vulnerable. You can no longer just wade into an enemy strong hold and blow everything up, you need to think things through and combat is often up close and personal.


Thankfully Takkar is able to speak to the animals who will assist you. From using mammoths to bash through camps, to cheetahs to silently attack enemies without alerting the groups this ability is other key to how enjoyable to game is.

As you might expect it follows the same pattern of gameplay, you unlock areas by climbing towers, gather flowers and animal hides to build new potions and weapons. They have played with the unlock mechanic a little but under the prehistoric skin it is the same basic Far Cry gameplay.


Overall: Much like Assassins Creed Ubisoft have found a formula and stuck with it, while the Far Cry gameplay hasn’t outstayed its welcome it is very close. The Prehistoric setting adds an element of fear to the game that just about keeps it interesting enough to recommend.

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