Gearbox Are Casting For Borderlands 2

Publisher 2K

Platform PS3, Xbox360

Release date 2012

Gearbox are looking for some female talent to play a character in the upcoming Borderlands 2 game. This is not a competition but rather a job paying a massive $1,000 dollars per day ! Open to female’s aged between 18 and 30 and able to get to Dallas in December. To play the role of Lilith as shown below. 
Lilith the Siren


Here is the full outline from Gear box including contact details.

Do you want to be a character in a video game? We’re looking for someone to become Lilith from Borderlands. If hired, you will appear in the game, Borderlands 2, as the live action version of the character. Additionally, you may be invited to participate in promotional events and trade shows.
Application Requirements:

  • You must be female, between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • You must able to provide your own transportation and be on-set in the Dallas, TX area for testing and shooting during the first three weeks of December.
  • You do not need to have any past acting or modeling experience, but you will be expected to follow direction and exhibit a range of facial expressions and emotions for the camera.
  • We will choose a candidate that has sufficient plausible resemblance to the character Lilith from the video game Borderlands.
    • In the Borderlands universe, a Siren can project a live-action image of herself into the minds of those she wishes to communicate with. Your look need not be exact, but expressive of Lilith in the mind’s eye – similar to how the Guardian Angel was portrayed in the original Borderlands

Additional Notes:

  • This is not a contest, this is a contract job opportunity.
  • The chosen candidate will be required to sign a standard likeness rights and work for hire contract and will be paid $1,000 US per day of shooting with a minimum guarantee of 1 day.

Two Ways To Apply!

Online Application – Submissions close  December 3rd:

  • Use the form below to submit images and information.
  • Please submit a minimum of one photograph of your face.
  • Feel free to submit more if you feel that you can convince us with your expressive range. Close-ups of facial features, especially the eyes, are helpful.
  • Select online applicants will be invited to attend a more in-depth screen test.

Open Casting Call:

  • An open casting call will be held on December 7 from 10AM to 4PM at:

    4000 East Side Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75226

  • You only need to bring yourself – we’ll have cameras for headshots and forms to collect your information.
  • Select candidates will be invited to attend a more in-depth screen test.

NOTE: All candidates  MUST either use the online application  OR attend the open casting call.

Questions?  Click here and under “Send To” select “Lilith Casting” or e-mail

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