Go Digital This November With Sony On PS3.

Developer : Various 

Publisher : Various 

Platform : PS3 

Release date November 2011

Go Digital this November with Sony on PS3, The frost has finally arrived and it is far too cold to brave a trip to your local retailer so why not take advantage of Sony’s great digital line up.

Sony have knocked down the price of some of the best digital downloads on the market. Infamous Festival of Blood the blood sucking standalone spin off from the Infamous series is a bargain €9.99.

The wonderful grey scale puzzler and winner of countless game of the year awards Limbo is also knocked down to just €9.99.

Feeling nostalgic? Then the full Back to the Future pack has been cut by 50% now all 5 point and click games bundled together for under a tenner.

The original Tom Clancy Splinter Cell got a HD remake recently and Sony have knocked a tenner off the price of the trilogy pack, now all 3 HD remakes are only €19.99.

PS+ users are in for a treat with a free copy of Hydrophobia Prophecy, this third person shooter will set players in the jaw dropping floating city under the control of terrorists. The game is Move supported too as players Unleash the power of water, use futuristic weapons and tools to fight your way through the dynamic environments and uncover the dark secret of the Malthusian agenda.

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