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Good news for Samsung Galaxy Note owners today as the mobile giant announced a new partnership with Onlive the leaders in cloud gaming. This new deal will see all Note owners get three months membership to Onlive’s full service absolutely free.

Onlive uses its impressive cloud technology to stream high end console quality games direct to devices that might normally be able to run such titles. Onlive is set to launch here in Ireland later this year but is already very popular in other regions such as the UK and USA boasting an impressive collection of games.


Below is the full press release with all the extra info:

OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming, and Samsung Electronics, today announced a new partnership that will offer Samsung GALAXY Note 4 users three months of unlimited OnLive® gaming for free.

With OnLive, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 customers will have the power of a high-end gaming PC in the palm of their hands. Using the OnLive Android app (available to download free from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store), users can stream PC and console-quality games from OnLive’s high-end gaming optimized servers to their Galaxy Note 4 for play anywhere if they have a Wi-Fi or 4G connection. Their prepaid subscription will give Galaxy Gift members unlimited access to a large catalogue of premium games from OnLive’s PlayPack™ game service bundle.
“OnLive lets gamers play the games they love, anytime and anywhere, through the power of the cloud. The addition of the OnLive app to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 makes high-end games available that normally can’t be played on an Android tablet. We’re excited to give Samsung customers a taste of cloud gaming with the gift of 3 free months of unlimited gaming,” said Mark Jung, Executive Chairman of OnLive.
The prepaid OnLive subscription will be featured as part of the Galaxy Gifts Package, a comprehensive, lifestyle-focused content offering that provides exclusive, premium rewards from the world’s top brands to Galaxy Note 4 users. The 3-month subscription, valued at $28.95 USD (17.22 GBP, 21.66 EUR), will give Galaxy Gifts members unlimited access to premium games from OnLive’s PlayPack bundle.
Users can play on their new Galaxy Note 4 and pick up their game instantly across all their devices, including tablets, computers and HDTVs that would normally lack the processing power to run their games. Users can also access a 7-day free trial of OnLive CloudLift™, which allows users to access and play PC games that they already own be means of OnLive’s proprietary cloud-streaming technology, allowing for instant play anywhere and anytime.
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