Halloween Competition Win Free Games


Halloween giveaway 

Bone-idle is in danger from a scary Halloween monster, to appease him we need to offer a human sacrifice in the form of “likes”. We will be harvesting all the “likes” we can get to feed him. If we get enough “likes” to fill him he will barf up some prizes.


Entering the competition could not be simpler. Just Like the page! to enter, if you have already “liked” our page then get your friends to “like” us too, if they win, YOU WIN also. The more friends you bring us the better your chance of winning. Please don’t post on the main page about who sent you, if you win we will contact you.


Be quick here he comes “GIVE ME THOSE LOVELY “LIKES” NOM NOM NOM. aaagggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!


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Judges decision is final, 1 winner will be chosen by judges and the person who referred them will also win a game on the platform of their choice.

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