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Feature : Irish Video Game Developers 

Featured Studio : Little Bee Studio

Date 30th Nov 2011  


Making a decision to leave a full time wage paying job and start out on your own is never easy yet after almost ten years working in the game development and publishing industry two friends René Laurent & Albert Banaszkiewicz have done just that and taken the leap of faith required to leave the comfortable lifestyle of a 9 to 5 and set up shop on their own.

With the past industry experience to call on Little Bee Studio’s was set up in late 2010 and for the last year the two have been building an exciting puzzle game unlike anything else on the market.

Juice Jumpers will be the studio’s first game to hit the market in early 2012 on the iPhone and iPad platform. They have taken a measured risk to withhold the game so that they could add that extra polish for when it releases, ensuring it has that something extra to make it stand out in a very crowded market.

A truly international affair with base’s now in both Dublin and Warsaw, Little Bee studio have set themselves a high standard to obtain for their first outing deciding that they would be unhappy with themselves if all they did was create another simple Appstore clone and that the studio should produce something original to make its mark when they arrive on the scene. “Juice jumpers” is a very colourful puzzler that is cute but also has a new slant on the puzzle genre. That looks and feels like it has been created by a top mobile game studio.

As the industry in Ireland is now going from strength to strength and the team from Little Bee prepare to launch their first title it’s is an exciting time for the studio but also a scary time René admits that it would be great to have one or two apps out their just to keep the bank manager happy but hopes that the decision to hold off bears fruit when the game does land early 2012.

René goes into much more detail about Little Bee and the Irish scene in our one to one interview that will be published this afternoon as part of our Irish Developers Feature week.

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