Irish Video Game Developer Feature Week

Irish Developer Week 

Feature Article 

Date 28th-3rd Dec

Tomorrow morning we will launch our week long feature looking at the Irish Video Game Developers scene. We will be talking to some of Ireland’s brightest new studio’s opening up in the morning with Open Emotion Studio’s, and following up with a new studio each day including Eyesodic Studio, Little Bee, 2 Paper Dolls and Bitsmith.

Every morning will see a feature article that will give you an insight into the what the studio are about and what they are working on at the moment. Then in the after noon we will be publishing an interview with a member of the team from that studio. Check in around 10am for the feature and around 1:30pm for the interviews and remember a new studio each day. 

We hope this week not only serves to entertain our readers and give the awesome studio’s some excellent well deserved exposure but also works to inspire some brand new studio’s to set up. With this in mind the questions have tried to  tease out some advice that will be of use to everyone right the way from those who are still only dreaming about one being a developer all the way to those well established studio’s.

On a personal note the response we have gotten from the studio’s while trying to put this together has been heart warming, I’ve never come across a warmer more enthusiastic and welcoming bunch in all my travels. There is a real revolution just about to happen here in Ireland and we just hope to get in on the ground floor.

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