PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Now Available on Xbox One

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now as a console launch exclusive on Xbox One!

Over 24 million PC gamers have played PUBG since it launched in Steam Early Access in March. PUBG is a battle royale-style game which puts up to 100 players on the remote island of Erangel for a winner-takes all showdown. Each game starts the same – you jump out of an airplane over an island, look for a safe (or dangerous) place to land, scramble for armor, weapons and health kits, and try to stay alive as the safe zone becomes smaller and smaller, forcing players to keep moving to survive.

“We chose to bring PUBG to console on Xbox One in the Xbox Game Preview programme, as it’s the only console platform that gives us the opportunity to partner with the community and build the game together, much like the PC version. The experience you have in PUBG on Xbox One today will be somewhat similar to what we shipped back in March on PC, but with a few updates. In addition to support for third-person solo, duo and squad gameplay on the current Erangel map, PUBG on Xbox One will also feature vaulting at its launch into the Xbox Game Preview programme.


“On Xbox One X, the game will be enhanced to include HDR support and 4K resolution, with more details to come. While in the Xbox Game Preview programme, PUBG on Xbox One will continue to receive new content updates including the new desert map, “Miramar,” optimisations and more. Our goal is to unify the feature set and product roadmap of the PC and Xbox versions of the game as soon as possible,” said Chang Han Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp.

Check out the launch trailer here:

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