Scribblenauts™ Showdown Has Arrived

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has launched Scribblenauts™ Showdown, on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One®.

“It is exciting to bring the fan favourite, creative Scribblenauts franchise to this generation of consoles in a whole new, party game with Scribblenauts™ Showdown,” said Steven Chiang, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Production and Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Family and friends can compete using their imaginations to solve puzzles and game challenges while going head-to-head.”

Four players can face off and imagine their way to victory in Showdown Mode, utilizing Scribblenauts™ Showdown’s vast dictionary to outsmart their opponents.  thirty-five thousand words, almost any object can be conjured.  Players will travel across a board game-style map, taking part in over twenty-five mini-games.

In ‘Wordy’ games, players must use the best object or character to complete their task, while ‘Speedy’ games players race to complete an assortment of humorous challenges.  

Showdown Mode has been made less predictable due to the introduction of card-based skills and strategies.

One or two players can also experience each of Scribblenauts™ Showdown’s unique mini-games in Versus mode.  Two of the challenges included are a madcap medieval duel fought with conjured weapons a ferocious tower battle, where players must hurl anything they can imagine at their opponent’s fortress.

Players will also experience wood-cutting shenanigans, tug-of-war brawls, and a fast-paced eating contest, with a “Scribblenauts twist”.

The fan favorite ‘Sandbox mode’ makes a return.  This mode allows players can create freely. achievements and Starites may be earned across eight unique levels.  Players may play this mode in single or two-player.



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