Sony Lowers the Price of Playstation Now.

When Sony launched its cloud streaming subscription service “Playstation Now” in 2014, it hit a number of stumbling blocks right away.

The content included from the start wasn’t that impressive, relying heavily on a significant number of older titles that many players had already purchased but couldn’t play due to the lack of backward compatibility on PS4.

The second sticking point was with the tech. Because you could only stream the games from the cloud, this had a significant impact on the video quality and input lag affecting the playability. But perhaps the worst problem was the price point. At €14.99 a month it just didn’t offer the kind of value for money players expected from a premium service.

So in 2019, what has changed with the service that now makes it a much more appealing subscription option?

First it has lots of games, in fact, there are now over 700 games in the library stretching from the PS2 era right up to the PS4. The quality of game in the back catalogue has improved and it now regularly includes a rotating list chart-topping games. God of War, GTAV and Uncharted 4 are currently in the mix until Jan 2020.

While you can still stream from the cloud to your console and PC. Sony has updated the service to allow players to download over 300 PS4 games to their console avoiding any issues with quality or lag.

But of course, the key change that makes this something we can get on board with. Sony has brought the price down to a much more reasonable EU: €9.99 – monthly / €24.99 – quarterly / €59.99 – yearly. Bringing it much more in line with similar subscription offerings.

Hopefully, Sony has learnt the value of its 25-year history when working on the backwards compatibility for the recently announced PS5 launching at the back end of 2020.

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