TriForce are Making a Crazy Full-Scale Gears of War 4 Customized Lancer.


Triforce, the leaders in high-end video game replicas, are now taking pre-orders for an insane looking full-scale replica of the Customised Lancer used in Gears of War 4. This hand painted full-scale replica is cast in polystone and it stands a massive 42″ in length and weighs in at 15 pounds. With working LED effects, the end result is an extremely authentic replica of the iconic Customized Lancer.



The Customized Lancer is an upgraded version of the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle made by Marcus Fenix in the years after the end of the Locust War. Fenix made several design changes, such as a more angular positioned magazine without a lock well to accommodate more rounds, a slightly longer barrel, and extra affiliation lights placed around the weapon. It also features a more rearward ejection port, a wooden stock and a flashlight attached to the right of the barrel. Like its predecessor, it has an integrated Chainsaw Bayonet.

If you want one, pre-orders are now being accepted with a deposit of $237.50 required right away, and a total cost of $949.99, but be prepared to wait as this won’t start shipping until Q1 2018.

It is a hefty price tag, but my god do I want one!!!



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