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Watch your favourite channels from anywhere, on any device! If you are like us then you travel the globe a lot and one of the most frustrating things about being abroad is that you can’t quickly access the content you would have available at home. You have paid for this content why shouldn’t it travel with you? Whether that is Hulu, Netflix or Spotify UnoTelly allows you to easily and quickly access your content from anywhere in the world at any time on any device.



Unotelly breaks open the potential of your home entertainment devices in a matter of seconds using its cutting edge UnoDNS feature. The DNS (Domain Name System) is simply changed to use the UnoDNS which then uses its inbuilt algorithm to make a direct connection to the content or service you want to access. Rather than messing around with VPN’s and port forwarding UnoTelly takes care of everything for you.

The initial set up takes only a few minutes, guided all the way by a very easy to follow video tutorial. With just a hand full of simple steps you are set up and ready to roll. In under 3 minutes you will be able to connect to the UnoTelly service and start enjoying your content immediately.

In these modern times it is unusual to just access your content on just one device and setting up multiple devices is a simple task even for those who are limited technologically, as each device as its own video tutorial that goes at a nice easy pace and takes you through step by step to getting it set up. Whether you want to access your content on PC, PS3, Wii Tablet or any smart phone or any number of other devices there is a tutorial waiting for you.



It is not limited to paid services either and Irish users will be able to access their favourite RTE and TV3 shows from abroad by using UnoTelly and also gaining access to UK channels like BBC iPlayer and 4OD and USA services like Hulu or Netflix that would otherwise be region blocked.

Many VPN services are quite costly and difficult to manage, for those who want a simple and affordable solution then UnoTelly delivers by striping away all the hassle. Once set up you are ready to access what you want, when you want and with prices starting from just $3.99 up to $7.99 their Gold service which will give you even more access with their DNS + VPN package. Gold users can even use the service on any network even in hotel/ public Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.

We have been suing it for the last week and it comes highly recommended. Take UnoTelly for a test drive today with their free trial and see just how easy it is to start accessing all your global content. FREE TRIAL 





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