Xbox All Access Makes Upgrading to NextGen Very Affordable

One of the biggest barriers to entry for gaming is the initial expense. One that can prove very difficult for families especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Microsoft has announced the XBOX ALL ACCESS program (will be extended to 12 countries) to help players upgrade to either a Series S or a Series X console with interest-free monthly payments over 2 years.

Through supporting retailers the program allows gamers to pay about €25 (Series S) or €35 (Series X) a month for 24 months.

But not only do you get the actual console. But MS has also thrown in hundreds of games too as both GamePass Ultimate and EA Play are included.

Game Pass promises over 100 games, but in reality, it is much more. At a quick glance (and games are added/removed all the time) there are over 200 titles available on Xbox, and over 200 for PC. If you include the 70+ games on EA Play, that is a lot of games to keep everyone playing for months and months.

This is a great move, it opens the door for so many more players to get on to a next gen console.

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