Assassin’s Creed Revelations Review

Developer Ubisoft

Publisher Ubisoft 

Platform Xbox360, PS3 & PC

Release Date November 2011

This is where it is all supposed to end for Ezio, Altair and Desmond. Assassin’s Creed Revelations is essentially Assassin’s Creed 2 episode II in terms of keeping the story in its chronological order but don’t let that fact make you think it simply an add on as it is very much a full game in its own right.

Players will play as all three characters, travelling back to Constantinople in 1511 as an aging “Ezio” teams up with a new breed of technically advanced assassins which leads to him training up with a whole host of new moves and weapons. Players will also take the role of Altair, as he too tries to uncover the hidden secrets of his own past. Players are in a desperate bid to figure out the link between all three of the characters memories to ultimately save Desmond’s shattered subconscious.

Constantinople is as visually stunning as anything we have seen previously from the series. In fact it is probably the most colourful and vibrant of all the cities so far. The game captures all the colour and excitement that you would expect to find in the bustling Turkish port town. The ladies dress in full head to toe in some of the most amazing colours available. The streets are littered with weird characters and traders. You can really see the city come to life.

Ubisoft have pretty much perfected the gameplay at this stage with incredibly smooth free running through crowds, climbing of buildings and combat. The animation is of the highest quality at all times within the game and characters interact with each other and the environment as if they were really solid physical structures.

A few new additions to the game spice things up, one new weapon in particular the “hook blade” is just what you think a blade with a hook on it, used in place of one of Ezio’s broken hidden blades. This gives Ezio just that extra little bit of reach when it comes to making a higher or longer jump or if a zip line is present he can use it to glide across the city skyline.

Bomb making features quite heavily too, you must collect up the right components to make the bombs, you can then choose from a variety of different bombs to craft. Deciding on the outer casing, the gun powder and the substance in the bomb all of which have differing consequences, some may be distraction bombs other are simply to wreak everything in its blast radius.

An excellent implementation of a tower defence mini game was initially strange but I soon came to find incredibly satisfying and it adds a nice variety to the gameplay. Player is locked in position and you must command your teams of assassin’s to set up traps by putting in place armed assassins who can kill and building barricades to slow the advancing waves of enemies. The tower defence system even has a currency that you must balance as each deployment costs you but of course watch kill nets you extra currency back.

Making its return from Brotherhood is your ability to establish a team of well-trained Assassins that you can call on during the game to aid your assassination attempts. Again they must be recruited, trained and deployed within the game. Also making a return is the purchasing of real estate as you remove the Templars controls from the city by killing their captains and fixing up shops.

Mulitplayer makes a welcome return although I am not quite the assassin I had thought I was. The maps are nice and big and the games are often tense but fun affairs. I lost count at the amount of times I was just about to land the killer blow when suddenly I was caught out from behind myself.

Overall: The final chapter for the moment and what a amazing journey it has been. No official word as of yet but it is understood that Assassins Creed 3 is already in development which means there is much more to come from the franchise but for now “requiescat in pace”

Score 9/10  WIN Assassin’s Creed Revelation Right Now Thanks To Ubisoft Just Click Here For More Details.



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