Is Paul Large’s Steam Brawler Ruffian Games New Steam Punk IP Character?

Developer Ruffian Games

Platform TBC

Release Date TBC

On another one of my long browsing trips through Flickr i came across the Ruffian game’s (creators of Crackdown) account with some intriguing pictures.

A number of concept art drawings of buildings are featured along with some more impressive rendered images but also a Video Game character called  Steampunk Brawler created by artist Paul Large”


The Character is very typical of the steam punk style with his old English gentleman look with his bowler hat and waist coat mixed with a wild steam powered contraption strapped to his back.

He is seen wearing a back pack that contains a fireplace and two cylinders that appear to work Hydraulic boxing gloves.

We didn’t want to publish all the pictures ourselves but the folder is viewable at this link.

Is this their new IP or just them playing around with idea’s either way it has us very excited.


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