Gwent News – Master Mirror Expansion Now Available

Gaunter O’Dimm, the mysterious man that causes so much havoc for our favourite Witcher in the events of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, returns to deal a new hand to the table; 70 new cards have been added to the roster for you to collect, with more ways to play and more strategies to formulate than ever before. Not only that, of those 70 cards, there are 11 neutral cards and 6 unique, legendary faction cards that change their appearance and skills throughout battle.

As well as that, Gaunter’s Ultimate Challenge has begun; complete special tasks that Master Mirror himself sets for you. Play as your favourite faction, fight for prizes, play on the new game board and who knows, you may even capture Gaunter’s special card for your own deck… The event runs all the way through to August 5th.

Gwent is available on iOs, Android, Steam,, PS4, Xbox and Microsoft Windows platforms.

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