Naughty Or Nice Christmas Season at Light House Cinema.

The lighthouse cinema delights each year in putting together their programme of Naughty or Nice Christmas films. This year they’re bringing you all the classics.  So whether you’re feeling naughty (beer and Die Hard) or nice (candy canes and Elf) or somewhere in between (mulled wine, mince pies and It’s a Wonderful Life), they’ve got you covered.

On top of this they’re delighted to host a Christmas pop-up shop that’ll help you find the perfect gift for your film fan friends, stocking a range of excellent gift ideas from T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Prints and of course Light House Gift Memberships. Yippee-Ki-Yay!  Tickets :


Season highlights include

Nakatomi Tower 80’s Office Party + Die Hard screening.  Dec 2nd. Party 9pm, Film 10.30pm.

 Elfeoke. December 10th .Screening of Elf 9.30pm followed by big screen karaoke until late.

Die Hard  

**Dec 2nd from 9pm- Nakatomi Tower 80’s Office Party + Die Hard screening**

Dec 2nd. Party 9pm, Film 10.30pm.

Dec 6th 8.30pm丨Dec 10th 10.30pm 丨Dec 14th 8.00 pm

What is the meaning of Christmas? Family? Parties? Saving an office party from German terrorists? All of the above? John McClane crashes his ex-wife’s office Christmas party and unwittingly becomes the action hero the world had been waiting for. Bring your mates, grab a beer and raise a glass to the late, great Alan Rickman as one of the greatest screen villains ever.


Our favourite outrageously over-enthusiastic elf, Buddy is here again this year to spread Christmas cheer to even the most curmudgeonly cotton-headed ninny-muggins’ out there! And join us on Dec 9th for a screening of the film followed by big screen Elfeoke party!

**Elfeoke Dec 10 9.30pm**

Dec 12th 5.45pm 丨Dec 14th 6pm丨Dec 17th 6.30pm

Dec 20th 1pm丨Dec 21st 2pm丨Dec 22nd 1.30pm 丨Dec 23rd 6pm


It’s a Wonderful Life

I’m sure we’re not alone in feeling that Christmas does not truly kick off until we’ve watched Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life at least once. One of the most emotionally resonant and beautifully realised films of all time gives James Stewart the defining role of his career as George Bailey, a man who finds happiness when all his carefully laid out life plans fall by the wayside.

Dec 8th 8.30pm 丨Dec 11th 6pm丨Dec 20th 3.30pm 丨 Dec 13th 8.30pm

Dec 21st 18.30pm丨Dec 23rd 3pm丨 Dec 23rd 8pm

Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton excels as nasty piece of work, Willie, an utter misanthrope posing as a department store Santa in order to pull off a robbery. The depths of his unpleasantness and depravity seemingly know no bounds, which makes for a wickedly funny comedy and the perfect antidote to some of the more saccharine Christmas offerings.

Dec 3rd 10.30pm丨 Dec 12th 7.40pm丨Dec 16th 10.30pm

The Polar Express

Can you ever have too much Tom Hanks? The Polar Express proves that the answer is no. Playing no less than six different roles in this animated classic, Hanks is the heart and soul of this gorgeous 3D Christmas fairy-tale.

Dec 17th 2pm丨Dec 19th 1pm

Miracle on 34th Street

Starring Maureen O’Hara and a very young Natalie Wood who befriends a department store Santa, believing himself to be the actual Santa Claus. This gorgeous Christmas fable is newly remastered and sure to be a glorious watch on the big screen.

Dec 8th 6pm丨Dec 18th 1pm 丨 Dec 19th 3.30pm 丨Dec 20th 6pm

The Muppets Christmas Carol

We all love Dickens’ A Christmas Carol but we love it even more when The Muppets take over and sprinkle their energetic tunes and inimitable sense of humour to the classic tale. Join us for the most fun you can possibly have in Victorian London and of course you’re welcome to sing along!

Dec 3rd 2pm 丨Dec 18th 3.30pm 丨Dec 21th 12pm

Jingle All The Way

Would you take on Arnie in the pursuit of Turbo-Man, the most sought-after Christmas toy of the year? No, we wouldn’t either. But Sinbad did, way back in 1996 with hilarious results. Catch ‘90s Christmas classic Jingle All The Way on the big screen this Christmas.

Dec 4th 4pm 丨Dec 18th 5.45pm 丨 Dec 22nd 8.45pm


Love Actually

After a string of sold out screenings last year, we’re bringing back seasonal favourite Love Actually. With an incredible cast of some of Britain’s most celebrated talent including Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy, Keira Knightley and Colin Firth. Get ready to celebrate Christmas and don’t forget the tissues!

Dec 7th 8.30pm 丨Dec 11th 3.15pm 丨Dec 20th 8.30pm 丨Dec 22nd 6pm

Santa Claus: The Movie

This is the delightful story of a master toymaker who discovers a magical kingdom of elves at the North Pole where he is entrusted with special powers to become Santa Claus! There he meets Patch, an eager-to-please elf who becomes mixed up with a dastardly tycoon’s (a truly horrible John Lithgow) plans to take over Christmas!

Dec 10th 3pm 丨Dec 21st 4pm

Home Alone

Ah, Kevin McAllister – after 25 years, his antics never lose their hilarity. Not everyone would have the nerve to stand up to Joe Pesci but young Macauley Culkin takes him on with a series of genius, innovative, and increasingly painful DIY techniques in the classic comedy for all the family.

Dec 4th 6pm 丨Dec 11th 1pm 丨 Dec 17th 4.15pm 丨Dec 22nd 3.45pm

The Apartment

“Shut up and deal” – if only ever New Year’s Eve could end as perfectly as it does at the end of Billy Wilder’s 1960 classic. Jack Lemmon plays a shy office worker whose downtown apartment becomes popular with the executives as a place to bring their mistresses.  He uses this to climb the corporate ladder, until he falls in love with Shirley MacLaine’s luminous Fran Kubelick, his boss’s mistress.

Dec 31st 5pm

Cinema Book Club: About A Boy

Our Christmas screening this year is About A Boy, based on the novel by Nick Hornby and starring Hugh Grant and a very young Nicholas Hoult. Not strictly a Christmas film but a certain yuletide favourite tune does form a large part of the story. Who can forget Santa’s Super Sleigh?!
Dec 19 6.30pm

Hollywood Babylon: Batman Returns

It’s Christmas and we are using that as an excuse to make our argument for Batman Returns as one of the most underrated, weirdest, and flat-out entertaining superhero movies ever made. The film that truly explores the weird instincts and peculiar peccadilloes that might lead people to dress in rubber suits and hang out on rooftops and alleyways. A true Freudian freak fest of a superhero movie and also one of the strangest Christmas movies you’ve ever seen.

Dec 9th 10.45pm

Tickets and a full list of our Naughty or Nice Season of Films can be found here:



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