New Utomik Desktop App Experience Launches.

Yesterday (Oct 7th) Utomik rolled out a new update to their Desktop app that not only improves performance by making it even faster, but thanks to the new recommendation engine it is even easier to navigate the massive 1200+ game library.

If this is your first time hearing about Utomik then it is likely you want to know more. It is a subscription service for PC with a massive catalogue of titles. But unlike other subscription services that require you to download the full game or stream via the cloud. Utomik sits in a sweet spot in between.

Their technology allows you to start playing the game from your local hard drive after only downloading a small portion. You can play without and long waits or network lag as the game downloads in the background.

Seeing is believing so if you do want to try it out, Utomik has a 14 day trial for anyone who signs up. You can check out more on their website.

Note: we are not affiliated with, nor do we get any monetary gain from you clicking the link above. We just think it is a good product and think you might like it.

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