Ozark Season 3 | Spoiler Free Review

Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) Byrde are back for another gripping season of the crime drama Ozark. Ten brand new episodes with some new characters arriving to keep the story progressing along.

Wendy’s brother Tom and Helen Pierce’s daughter Erin are enough to trigger new story points that cause untold stress for Marty and the family, and some of the finer pieces of drama.

Recurring characters also play a big role. Ruth now running the casino, Wyatt and Darlene come into the season more and more as it progresses offering some much needed comic relief.

The season plays out as Wendy and Marty fight over the correct next step. Marty is trying to tone things down and fly under the radar. Wendy sees their protection in becoming “too big to fail”. .

The season has some great moments between the couple. Particularly when they go to marriage counselling and try to argue their sides. Their constant plotting against each other, while still trying to maintain a safe family life.

Ozark keeps getting better. There is always a risk when each season needs to ramp up that things can get silly and what were previously normal people end up turning into master criminals, but this show strikes a nice balance between this and the lengths good people will go to to protect their family. Culminating with Episode 9 which is one of the more stressful but brilliant episodes of TV I’ve seen.

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