The Witcher Season 2 Release Date?

Like millions of others, we were glued to the Witcher’s first season on Netflix. Despite early reviews pouring scorn on it, the fans reaction has been to take it to heart. They loved long time gamer Henry Cavill in the lead role and found the mix of action, humour and lack of clothes on his part very appealing!

So like all of you we are wondering when does Season 2 drop? Unfortunately it looks unlikely that we will get to see any new episode before 2021. It was always going to be a big production that will take months to shoot and then edit and add CGI, but with Covid-19 putting a halt to the industries ability to travel and shoot the best we can hope for it that it will not be slipping into 2022.

But when it does we can hope to enjoy a less confusing story with less timeline jumps and a more structured tale.

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