PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox Hits the 5 Million Player Mark

Reaching the milestone in less than 3 months, PUBG are rewarding the community with an exclusive free cosmetic item – the PUBG5 jacket. The PUBG5 jacket will be rewarded to all players who own and have activated a character in the game on Xbox One as of March 22, 2018 at 07:01AM GMT, so equip it and wear it with pride for your streams, screenshots and videos so that the developers can see it!

Having released their 9th optimisation patch on March 2nd, which improved vehicle feedback, sound effects, matchmaking and more, they have also shared their spring development roadmap with details on what players will see in weeks to come, including the release of Miramar, their second map.

PUBG are putting in place optimisations for characters and movements, particle effects spawned by vehicles and grenades, object collision complexity and game balancing to work across all CPU cores. User Interface improvements, console controller options, player reporting features and updates to vehicle bullet penetration systems as part of the roadmap – you can see more details about their plans here.

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