REZ Infinite PSVR | Review


REZ Infinite at first glances might look like the least appealing of the new PSVR titles, a classic (old) title rehashed to a new audience. But, in reality it is one of the finest pieces of game design you will see and one that makes perfect use of the new technology.




Originally released well over a decade and a half ago, REZ has really held up well. With a 1080p 60fps spit polish and a new control option it has suddenly become a must have title yet again.

Sega’s on-rails rhythm shooter has been given a new lease of life and taken to new heights by the PSVR. This new control system allows you to fly around the worlds and get assaulted from 360 degrees by the incredible visuals and pumping sounds in a way never before possible.  




Created by many of the original team you know this has been a labor of love. Reminiscing about when he first made the game Tetsuya Mizuguchi said that VR was always what he had imagined for the game.

The controls are smooth and intuitive, the visuals and sound are amazing, the only world of warning is that you need to be ready for REZ, it does bombard you and can get a bit overwhelming if you are not used to gaming or in particular VR.




Overall: This really is the must buy title for anyone who grew up in the Lawnmower man VR era, the idea of being in a game like this has been a long held dream, that dream is very much a reality. REZ Infinite comes with the original 5 locations and once they have been completed a totally new Area X is unlocked. Each area take about 15 mins to complete so while this is not a huge game it has massive replay-ability and the cost point is very reasonable.    

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