We. The Revolution Preview.

Note: We got this early Preview Alpha build of “We. The Revolution” from Klabater (the game’s publisher). It represents a 30-40 mins window of the full game and is missing some upcoming updates such as the voice acting which will be added in the coming weeks.


We. The Revolution is a very unique title. Its setting is not one I’ve seen in many video games, the art style is very unusal, and the gameplay mechanics ensures this is a title that will stand out from the crowd. While it certainly won’t be suited for everyone, it should find its audience with those who like the cutthroat world of political wranglings.

You play the role of a judge presiding over complicated cases during the French Revolution. As the judge, you must review the evidence presented in the case files, identify leading questions to ask the defendants, and run your courtroom to maintain the delicate balance between the paranoid factions and the baying mob looking to spill blood, any blood will do, even yours.

Behind the scenes, there are other elements to contend with as you look to gain influence in the various regions of Paris. Utilising your network of spies to gain inside knowledge, relying on your hard men to strong arm the locals, or resorting to old-fashioned diplomacy to negotiate through back-channels with the warring factions.

It is important to pick the right side, not just the one you will serve your interests, but the ones who will actually end up in the seat of power.

Getting any of the above elements wrong, angering the jury, siding with the wrong faction, not quenching the mobs’ thirst for blood, and it will be your head in the guillotine, and not some sorry soul.

First early impressions: As an Alpha build it is very solid and looks great, the pacing takes some getting used to. Modern gamers have been trained to have your senses bombarded at every turn, so when an experience like this comes along it can take a while to get into the flow. At the moment there is a lot of reading, this is not always a bad thing, but the upcoming addition of the voice acting (coming before launch) should help this and add some extra tension to the drama.

I enjoyed piecing together the evidence and trying to balance the courtroom with my line of questions, but I did find the mechanic to unlock questions a bit difficult to understand. It wasn’t exactly clear why certain bits of evidence linked and unlocked a question, while other pieces, that seemed to fit together, wouldn’t. Perhaps in the full game there will be a onboarding portion to help explain this.

I am intrigued to see how the behind the scenes portions play out in the full game, this Alpha only had a nibble of both the faction siding and the region influencing portions. I think this will add a lot more context and weight to your courtroom rulings.

For now, it is one we will keep our eye on. In a world of sensory overload, it was nice to play something a bit slower.

We. The Revolution launches later this year on PC.

You can check out our gameplay video below which is a clean unedited run through.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_kmHrgqCFU[/embedyt]


Here is a little more directly from the publishers. 

Become a judge presiding over complicated cases of ordinary citizens, criminals, revolutionaries and their enemies. You will decide whose deeds will go unpunished, and whose head will roll from a swift guillotine cut. Beware, however, because the eyes of Paris are upon you – with many factions vying for power and influence over you, you will have to become a political force on your own in order to survive… and to seize the control of Paris for yourself.

Features include. 

  • Shape history and decide who will live and who will die
  • Experience the oppressive atmosphere of the French Revolution,
  • Preside over more than 100 unique court cases
  • Run your own courtroom – question witnesses, analyze clues and evidence, read reports, and pass sentences
  • Make friends and enemies of different rival factions vying for power
  • Engage in a mix of genres, blending case-building with intrigue-crafting and turn-based tactics 
  • Discover the unusual visual style blending the simplicity of polygons with neoclassical art




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