Xbox Series X launches Today

Finally, after months of waiting the Next Generation of console gaming has begun. Today (Nov 10th 2020) sees the launch of Microsoft’s latest flagship console the Xbox Series X alongside the all-digital Series S

Fans are celebrating as they pick up their shiny new consoles. Or more likely, in the current Covid situation sitting patiently by the door waiting for the postman.

The start of this generation has been marred by an appalling lack of hardware. Pre-orders sold out in seconds, with some stores only getting a handful of consoles. this has led to unscrupulous types price gouging across the usual shops and sites that we won’t give any publicity too.

We were lucky enough to be able to purchase one of the few Series Xs that popped up this morning.

It is set up here now doing its updates, we are going to start downloading some of the “Optimised for Series X|S” titles available on GamePass to give it a run through and will post a review soon.

EA Access has also become part of Game Pass Ultimate today so you can get the latest Battlefield, Need for Speed and some 10-hour trials for the newer titles like FIFA 21 and Star Wars Squadrons and Jedi Fallen Order has also just been added to the list of free games.

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