Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Blade of Galadriel DLC

Warner Bros. Interactive have released a new Story Expansion titled Blade of Galadrielwhich is accessible right now.  

The new story expansion follows Eltariel  a dual Elven blade wielding assassin working for Elven Queen, Galadriel.  She must use The Light of Galadriel, with a host of new combat abilities, skills and gear in her war against the Nazgûl.

The DLC brings in new Nemesis characters and eight unique Legendary Orcs who can return to join your forces in the main story campaign with new abilities added to the Nemesis System.  And if you’re a player who want to make further use of Eltariel, the character skin can be used in the main story campaign.

New free content updates are also available today.  Among these updates are new traits and behaviors in Orc Captains.  These traits will further immerse the player in more intricate fights.

Such as:

  • Tunnel Rat – Orcs can burrow into the ground and summon Ghûls.
  • Sniper Shot – Archers can fire from great distances with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Tremor – Ologs can pound the earth with tremendous force, staggering nearby threats and heavily damaging structures.
  • Gifts of Treasure – Followers can now bring players the gift of a Treasure Orc, providing even more ways to earn Gems and Mirian.

Players can now upgrade their Orc Followers with Training Orders while in the Garrison, saving time and offering more flexibility in deployment.

Smaller adjustments have been made too such as, new filters, frames and styles, along with adjustable expressions and added stickers, have been brought into the Photo Mode, giving players more options for customising in-game action shots.  And for those of you wondering how well you’re doing, a stats menu has been added for to track a variety of in-game statistics,  A field of view option is now accessible allowing player to have a viewing experience tailored to them.

Check out the new trailer here:

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