Clever New Subscription Service “Utomik” Launches Family Plan with Star Wars Games.

For a few years different companies have toyed with the idea of a subscription service, a Netflix for games. Early efforts such as “Onlive” and “Playstation Now” focused on trying to stream a video of the game, playing on a central server, to your home device. Unfortunately these services struggle in parts of the world with a less than amazing internet infrastructure.

The preference is always to have the game installed locally, and running off your hard drive. However as the size of modern games grows larger and larger, downloading the whole file can end up taking days.


A new company, Utomik, looks to have found the perfect balance. Their technology allows you to download a small portion of the game to your hard drive and start playing up to 100 times faster, while the rest of the game downloads lags free in the background.

That is the actual game, not a tutorial, not an exhibition match, the actual game. Gone are the days of needing separate installations, endless updates, and long wait times. You click the game and start installing the most up-to-date version and are playing moments later.


Utomik currently boasts an impressive 475 games with around 30 more being added each month. Titles include AAA games like Borderlands, Darksiders, and Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Retro classics like Sonic or Worms, Indie gems like Mini Metro, and engrossing adventures like Alpha Protocol and Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

To the important bit, the price. The subscription costs €9.99 a month however if you sign up now while they are in Beta there is a promotional price of just €5.99 (for the personal account) or €9.99 for the family sub. Both options give you unlimited access to all the games with the family option letting 4 users access the content.


If this takes your fancy you can sign up to the 14 day free trial to test it out here.  

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